Privacy policy

Privacy statement for the processing of personal data

This privacy statement sets out the details concerning the processing of personal data collected through the questionnaire response given through the interactive terminal (or totem) available at Rizoma S.r.l.’s booth set up for the EICMA exhibition, held on 6-11 November 2018, as well as given through the website [] (the “Website”).

  1. Data controller

The data controller is Rizoma S.r.l., with registered office in Ferno (VA), via Quarto 30/32/34, Tax Code and VAT code 02595720125 (hereinafter the “Controller”).

  1. Collection of Data

Contributing to the questionnaire implies the provision of your personal data (the “Data”) and of some information related to your bike and/or to your preferences with regard to the motorbikes in general.

You are invited not to provide the Controller with third parties’ personal data, unless the provision is necessary (e.g., you do not have a personal e-mail address): in this event, we remind you that you shall fulfill all the duties provided for by the laws applicable to the processing of personal data and, in particular, you shall inform said third parties’ with regard to the provision of their personal data.

  1. Purposes, legal basis for the data processing and storage period

The Controller processes the Data in compliance with the applicable laws and the principles related to the processing of personal data, as well as with the Italian Data Protection Authority’s guidelines.

Sending invitation to visit the Controller’s offices

The Data shall be processed to send you the invitation to visit the design center at the Controller’s offices, in order to let you take part to the creation and the realization of the Controller’s products.

The legal basis of such processing lies in the need to execute the data subject’s specific request.

The provision of the Data is a necessary requirement: the failure to provide such Data, either in part or entirely, will prevent the Controller from sending you the invitation.

The Data shall be stored and processed for this purpose for a period not greater than 24 months as of the questionnaire response.

Sending customized promotional materials

The provided Data and the answers to the questionnaire shall be analyzed by the Controller to create a profile based on your personal preferences related to motorbikes. The profiling – which shall be carried out without automated processing – is aimed at sending you customized promotional materials related to the products marketed by the Controller.

The provision of Data is made on a voluntary basis: if you decide not to contribute to the questionnaire, you may in any case take part to the events organized during the EICMA exhibition.

The legal basis of such processing lies in the data subject’s consent.

You may withdraw your consent at any time, by following the procedure indicated in each newsletter or by sending a specific notice to the Controller, to the addresses listed in article 5, expressing your intention not to receive further promotional materials from the Controller. The withdrawal shall not affect the lawfulness of processing based on consent carried out before.

Moreover, you have the right to object at any time to the profiling carried out for said purpose, by sending a specific notice to the Controller, to the addresses listed in article 5.

The Data shall be processed for a period not greater than 12 months as of the time you give your consent. With one month’s notice we will ask you if you wish to continue to receive customized promotional materials: in case of refusal, the Data will be canceled; in case of consent, they will be kept and processed for additional 12 months.

  1. Recipients of Data

The Data, in relation to the above-mentioned purposes, shall be processed by the Controller’s employees, duly identified as persons authorized to the processing (by way of example, the operators working in the Controller’s general services office and in the customer service office).

Further recipient of your Data is Artattack Group S.r.l., the communication agency that carries out the processing of the questionnaires and sends the invitations and the promotional materials at the Controller’s direction, pursuant to the data processing agreement executed with the Controller.

The complete list of the recipients is available upon request, to be sent to the addresses listed in article 5.

  1. Your rights

You can:

  1. obtain access to the Data;
  2. object to the processing;
  3. obtain the rectification or cancellation or, where applicable, the limitation on their processing;
  4. lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.

To exercise your own rights referred to in letters a. -c. above, you can contact the Controller at the following addresses:

  • by e-mail, at the address:; or
  • by post, at the address: via Quarto 30/32/34, 21010 Ferno (VA).


[Richiesta di consenso da apporre in calce al questionario sia nel totem sia nel Sito]

I read the privacy statement related to the processing of my personal data and, in relation to the processing for receiving customized promotional materials,

I give my consent I deny my consent